Guitar supports to play with the correct position

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Adjustable supports

for playing with

the correct position. 


Unlock Your Potential

Stop Bad Habits

Prevent Injury


The Right Wrist® helps guitar students keep their wrist at the correct angle and height.

The Right Elbow® helps guitar students maintain their elbow and forearm in the correct position.

The Right Pose™ helps students avoid tilting the guitar backwards to maintain the correct posture.

About GuitarPose®

GuitarPose® was born out of the desire to provide guitar students with a tool that will help them maintain the correct playing posture from day one.   

GuitarPose® helps beginning guitar students of all ages build a solid technical foundation, avoid injury, and grow their confidence when they practice.


Unlock Your Potential

Stop Bad Habits

Prevent Injury

When you play the guitar…

Do you have the correct elbow position?

Do you flatten your wrist?

Do you let your guitar tilt backwards?

Do you bend your back?

Long-lasting design

GuitarPose® is made in PLA 3D870 and Texture Wood PLA.

PLA 3D870 is a high-grade, industrial plastic, comparable to ABS and superior in impact strength and heat resistance.

Sustainable materials

Like all PLA plastics, PLA 3D870 and Texture Wood PLA are biodegradable materials obtained from natural resources, specifically obtained from the starch extracted from corn, beets, and wheat.


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Manual GuitarPose

GuitarPose can be used on any size guitar.